Milk Yogurt is a holy delight for traditional food enthusiasts, with the goodness of enzymatic and probiotic components, South Ville Maelk Yogurt can find its way to nearly every meal.

How to make

  1. Heat the milk to just boiling and remove from heat.
  2. As it cools skim the cream/malai from the top.
  3. When it cools just enough to a temperature at which you can just about hold a finger inside for a few seconds, add jaman / culture to a bowl which you would use to set the curd. Run the culture on the sides and bottom of the bowl.
  4. Strain the milk into the bowl. Cover and keep away from draft in a warm place. Check after 6-7 hours and your South Ville Maelk yogurt would be ready.
  5. Tip: the yogurt sets best in a casserole, as the temperature remains evenly maintained in a casserole.

Active time: 6-7 hours
Yield: 8-10 small bowls
Ingredients Quantity
South Ville Maelk 1 Litre
South Ville Maelk Culture 1 tbsp

About Us

South Ville Maelk is a first-of-its-kind, preeminent, farm-to-home cow milk brand committed to international standards of product quality.

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