South Ville Maelk

  • Pasteurized Farm Fresh Bottled Cow Milk

Pasteurized Farm Fresh Bottled Cow Milk

South Ville Maelk is one of the best subscription-based post-paid farm fresh bottled cow milk brands available in South Delhi, delivering fresh milk from the farm to your home.

CURRENT SCHEME – On consumption of 30 litres you will receive 1 litre FREE.

So you consume 30 litres but pay only for 29 litres.

Effective rate of 30 litres comes to Rs. 87.96 per litre.



₹ 91.00/litre


What They Say

Packaging bottle

Our consumers demand and appreciate high-quality. Hence, we decided to pack our superior quality milk in a high-end, superior quality and chic square shaped, thicker walled glass bottle. The bottle is made of glass that is suitable to store milk.

  • We believe that milk tastes the best when packed in glass bottles, as glass bottles don’t transfer foreign scent and taste into the milk and keep milk fresh for longer time.
  • Our fresh milk is packaged in lead-free, square-shaped and food-grade glass bottles.
  • The square-shaped bottle is so easy to store and its wider mouth makes pouring convenient.
  • The thicker walled glass bottle retains freshness and nourishment of milk during its journey from the farm to your home.

Delivery Schedule for farm fresh cow milk

  • You can make your own delivery days and quantity plan online. This way, you can decide specific days when you require milk supply. 
No advance payment
  • There is no need to pay in advance for consuming South Ville Maelk cow milk. You can consume it for a whole month and pay at the end of month.
No security deposit 
  • We don’t take any security deposit for delivering milk at your home.
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About Us

South Ville Maelk is a first-of-its-kind, preeminent, farm-to-home cow milk brand committed to international standards of product quality.

Payment Accepted

visa  master card

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Phone    :  +91 11 40 196 196

Email      :

Address :  Free Rein Dairy
                    East of Kailash,
                    New Delhi 110065

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Milk in
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