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South Ville Maelk

  • Pasteurized Farm Fresh Bottled Cow Milk

Pasteurized Farm Fresh Bottled Cow Milk

South Ville Maelk is one of the best subscription-based post-paid farm fresh bottled cow milk brands available in South Delhi, delivering fresh milk from the farm to your home. The milk is tested everyday & pasteurised to provide you safe milk without the hassle of boiling. To control the quality and hygiene of the product, we ensure that the milk is completely untouched by human hands and packaged in square shaped, lead-free, food grade glass bottles.

₹ 91.00/litre


What They Say

Packaging bottle

Our consumers demand and appreciate high-quality. Hence, we decided to pack our superior quality milk in a high-end, superior quality and chic square shaped, thicker walled glass bottle. The bottle is made of glass that is suitable to store milk.

  • We believe that milk tastes the best when packed in glass bottles, as glass bottles don’t transfer foreign scent and taste into the milk and keep milk fresh for longer time.
  • Our fresh milk is packaged in lead-free, square-shaped and food-grade glass bottles.
  • The square-shaped bottle is so easy to store and its wider mouth makes pouring convenient.
  • The thicker walled glass bottle retains freshness and nourishment of milk during its journey from the farm to your home.

Delivery Schedule for farm fresh cow milk

  • You can make your own delivery days and quantity plan online. This way, you can decide specific days when you require milk supply. 
No advance payment
  • There is no need to pay in advance for consuming South Ville Maelk cow milk. You can consume it for a whole month and pay at the end of month.
No security deposit 
  • We don’t take any security deposit for delivering milk at your home.
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About Us

South Ville Maelk is a first-of-its-kind, preeminent, farm-to-home cow milk brand committed to international standards of product quality.

Payment Accepted

visa  master card

Get in Touch

Phone    :  +91 11 40 196 196

Email      :

Address :  Free Rein Dairy
                    East of Kailash,
                    New Delhi 110065

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