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Farm Fresh Pasteurised Cow Milk

South Ville Maelk is one of the BEST farm fresh pasturised organic cow milk available in South, North & West Delhi and Gurgaon, delivering fresh milk from the farm to your home.

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Our fresh milk comes from Holstein Friesian cows raised at the farm. These cows at the farm are fed chemical-free green fodder, that is grown at the farm and also from nearby farmers. The cow milk is then pasteurised, lab-tested and bottled on the farm. 

You can order this organic milk online through the website and our apps. It is completely untouched by human hands, the milk is meticulously packed and sent for delivery in climate-controlled vehicles. Our cow milk is delivered directly to your doorstep. All of our home deliveries are done by professional delivery persons by following full COVID protection. Since it’s pasteurized, the milk can be consumed right away or you can be stored it in the fridge without needing to be boiled. There is no hassle but only a view to providing good health. You can order our pure cow milk on a daily basis or alternate days of milk delivery or any preference that you want. We can do milk home delivery near you or far we will always be with you


Our pure cow ghee, This Organic cow ghee is made by the traditional churning process. Our farm-fresh cow ghee is made with grass-fed cow's milk. The sweet and nutty flavor is not like any other oils. You can buy cow ghee online through our website and our apps. This pure cow ghee is produced from farm-fresh cow milk. It is 100% hormone-free cow milk extracted best cow Ghee.

Cow ghee benefits are it contains all good fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 along with other vitamins like A, D, E and K. It aids you in having a strong appetite by secreting adequate gastric acid and helping in your digestive process. Cow ghee is delivered directly to your home. Ghee home delivery is done by professional delivery persons following full COVID protection and protocols.



organic cow milk in south delhi and Gurgaon

About Us

South Ville Maelk is a first-of-its-kind, preeminent, farm-to-home cow milk brand committed to international standards of product quality.

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