Alaknanda residents receive our daily good morning deliveries of pure cow milk and pure cow ghee at your doorstep. Book orders online.

Enjoy the Freshness of cow milk and dannedar pure cow ghee

When you connect with South Ville Maelk, you get the assurance that you get the best quality milk and nothing in between. We value our customers and offer online delivery services in Alaknanda so that we can reach out to them in the quickest time possible. Our services are quite exclusive, and this makes us unique from others in the marketplace. We harvest fresh milk daily from the cows, and the milk is pure and pure cow ghee. We conduct lab test to pasteurize the milk and the bottle to boost the quality of our services. The cost of our services is affordable as there is no middle-man in the process, and we are serve our customers directly.

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From Our Farm To Your Home


Fresh milk from farm are tested on various parameters in our lab. The fresh milk is packed in recyclable glass bottles to make the process eco-friendly.


The bottles are completely sealed and will reach you without any leakage. The high-quality milk and ghee are packed in various insulated boxes to maintain the quality of the product.


The milk will reach your doorsteps in 16 - 18 hours of milking. The pasteurized milk can be used by the customer right away else you can store it in the fridge.

Why choose us?

  • No harmful chemicals We provide you with the best quality milk with no Preservatives and Adulterants.

  • Eco-friendly approach We use eco –friendly materials to make the bottles and ensure the best packaging system.

  • Best nutritional value We feed our cows with fodder harvested from nearby areas, to boost the nutritional value of the milk.

  • On-time delivery Our delivery boys provide on-time online milk delivery services in Alaknanda and adjoining areas.

Buy Fresh Cow Milk and Cow Ghee Online in Alaknanda

We at South Ville Maelk offer online milk FREE HOME delivery services in Alaknanda and ensure that the milk does not have any types of harmful substance. We maintain the hygiene of our cows, our team of experts conducts various quality tests every day to maintain the quality of the milk and ghee.


We use advanced machines that auto-cut off the system in place to make sure a good and healthy milking procedure. The udders are washed and cleaned every time to maintain safety. We maintain hygiene because we value our customer’s health. From our farms, the milk and ghee are supplied, via the cold chain process to your doorsteps. We ensure easy ordering of milk and a hassle-free payment process. You can subscribe to our top-notch service of online cow milk and get exclusive deals that suit your budget.

How it works

To get online milk delivery services in Alaknanda, you need to follow these three steps:
  • Register to our milk services and get cashback offers.
  • Add money in your wallet.
  • Get Fresh and high-quality milk at your Doorsteps
  • Empty milk glass bottles are picked up and recycled daily
Maintain cows healthy via best shelter and fodder
  • Farm has a large housing shelter for its cows. The temperature of the cows is checked every day using temperature machines. We provide cows with clean water and feed
Untouched milk
  • We use advanced machines for a healthy milking process. We maintain the quality of milk by delivering it in the most natural state
Maintain hygiene
  • Here at South Ville Maelk, we offer online milk delivery services in Alaknanda, and to maintain hygiene, we wash and clean our cows several times in the day.
Doorstep Delivery
  • Now you can subscribe to our milk services, and we promise to provide you fresh cow milk at the comfort of your home. You can avail of the best-discounted deals and cashback offer every time with us.

About Us

South Ville Maelk is a first-of-its-kind, preeminent, farm-to-home cow milk brand committed to international standards of product quality.

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